Sponsor-a-Scholar Program

Want to Become a Sponsor?

We invite you to learn more about our Sponsor-a-Scholar program: Meet our scholars who still need a sponsor, and read about our levels of sponsorship!


Sponsorship Levels

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Information for Current Sponsors

Gifts to Scholars

Each sponsor can send up to one $10 gift a year to the sponsored scholar. Gifts should be intentional, age-appropriate, and respectful of the dynamics between a sponsor and a scholar (e.g., no gifts of essential daily needs or school supplies).

Dates to send gifts to Starfish headquarters in Maryland that will be brought by our volunteers traveling to Ecuador will be announced at least one month in advance. We usually offer at least one such opportunity during the summer.

Sponsors also may mail a gift to Starfish or make a $10 donation that will go towards a gift at any time. If you choose this option, we will give the gift as a Christmas gift or birthday gift.

Sponsors visiting Ecuador may give a gift in person, even if it is not Christmas or the scholar's birthday.

Sometimes, when a scholar has multiple financial sponsors or a pen pal who is a different individual from the financial sponsor, more than one person may want to send a gift to the same scholar. In the case of duplicate gifts, we will typically designate one of those gifts to a scholar who has not received a gift. We will ensure that your thoughtful gift will go to a scholar who will appreciate it!

If you have questions about the gift-giving process, please contact Laura (laura.seaberg@thestarfishchange.org).

Sponsor a Scholar!

In Ecuador, families don't have to pay for education, but the costs of uniforms, supplies, and other needs make it hard for students to have what they need to succeed. By sponsoring a scholar, you are an integral part of their education and achievements.

Some Annual Costs Covered by Your Sponsorship (for One Student!)

Uniforms: $85                    

School Supplies: $85        

Textbooks: $20                  

Other Supplies*: $30         

Retreats, Incentives, and Field Trips: $55

Monthly meetings**: $25

* = Other supplies include non-traditional school supplies for students in technical schools, extra uniforms for special events, exam and internship materials, special educational opportunities (university classes, music lessons, etc.), and more.

** = Monthly meetings include community leadership workshops for our students, School for Parents for their parents, family integrations days, and a special scholarship ceremony to start the year.

Already a Sponsor?

Send your scholar a letter here!

Pen Pal Program

If you're a sponsor at the Star, Constellation, or Galaxy level, we invite you to participate in our pen pal program!

During the school year, you'll exchange three letters with the scholar you're sponsoring.

Don't worry if you can't read or write in Spanish: Our Spanish-to-English/English-to-Spanish translation team is here to assist you! For each letter exchange, our pen pal program coordinator will mail you the scholar's original handwritten letter, accompanied by an English translation. All you need to do is mail your reply to our Starfish headquarters in Maryland, or complete our online letter form. Your letter then will be translated in Spanish, and the scholar will receive the Spanish translation of your letter, along with your original handwritten letter (if you chose to write your letter by hand).

If you wish to opt out of this program, you can inform our pen pal program coordinator, Laura (laura.seaberg@thestarfishchange.org), who then will find a pen pal for the scholar you're sponsoring.