2016-2017 Annual Report


To our Starfish family and friends,

As we look back on our fifth year, it is with joyful hearts that we give thanks to you, and it is with excitement that we look forward. With your support, we have served more than 300 students over the past five years, and The Starfish Foundation, Inc., has grown into a vital part of the community in which we serve. When we started Starfish five years ago, we thought it might work for a few months, a year, or - at most - five years. How wrong we were! Our future looks bright as we continue to work with an amazing group of supporters, volunteers, staff and students. In our fifth year, our growth and team achievements continue, thanks to you, our Starfish family. We are excited for our next five years and beyond!

This year we celebrated educational achievements of our students and new organizational milestones, such as becoming a recognized non-profit organization in Ecuador. We improved our quality of programming with an expanded library, new psychological services and a focus on curriculum. Most importantly, we continued to work in close collaboration with an amazing team of youth in Ecuador. You will learn about some of our remarkable students and volunteers in our annual report, including Ruddy who coordinated a Christmas party for 250 young children and Anna who used her teaching acumen to assist with curriculum development.

None of this could have been possible without your constant support.

From the bottom of our hearts, gracias for helping our students' dreams come true.

Amor y Paz, Jenn and Beth 

Read the annual report.

Beth Awalt