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Virtual Volunteer opportunities

I was already aware of the extreme poverty that Starfish students were dealing with, and working as a volunteer intern was my way to get involved as much as I could from my small hometown in Pennsylvania.
— Amy

Communications Team Positions

Social Media Stars

Do you have social media experience, or an interest in developing social media and design skills? Do you also want to support Ecuadorian youth on the path to a better future? We are seeking several short-term social media volunteers to create content for our primary social media channels.


  • Develop an understanding of the mission, vision, values, and goals of The Starfish Foundation

  • Create content for our primary social media channels, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, using our weekly hashtags: #MotivationMonday, #GratiTuesday, #WomenWednesday, #FriendFriday, #Education, #Ecuador, #Volunteering, and #SpanishSunday

  • Submit content to the Starfish Mixed Media Team


  • A passion for education and youth in Latin America

  • A genuine interest in social media

  • An interest in graphic design

  • Ability to work independently and take initiative

WORKING HOURS: Flexible. Volunteers will be assigned a different hashtag each week and can devote hours as they see fit to produce posts. One to three (1 to 3) hours weekly is typical.

DURATION OF POSITION: June 17 to August 17, 2019

Did you know?

In addition to the volunteer positions listed on this page, We have POSITIONS IN eCUADOR!


Development Team Positions 

Development Assistant

We are looking for a few volunteers to join our team to host a fundraiser or two. Those who have volunteered in this position have hosted happy hours and restaurant nights, bracelet sales, and March Madness tournaments!

WORKING HOURS: We would expect about 2-3 hours/week for the 6-8 weeks prior to the event.


  • Gain event planning skills

  • Learn more about education in Ecuador

  • Build communication skills across all areas

  • Add to your professional portfolio


Sales Manager

Do you have business or sales experience? Are you interested in putting those skills to use for good? We are looking for an individual to assist with our product sales. This volunteer would work with our volunteers who have championed each of these sales efforts to guide the overall strategy of our sales team. 

WORKING HOURS: We would expect a commitment of about one to three (1 to 3) hours per week. 


  • Learn how to develop a business strategy

  • Understand the ways that nonprofits raise funds

  • Use and build upon your creative and critical thinking skills

  • Gain sales experience