We couldn't do it without you.


Long-Term Volunteers

It sure does take a village! We want to thank our volunteers for all their hard work, dedication, and support.


Paul Ahearn, Creativity Crew Coordinator

Erica Anderson, Ecuador Volunteer Manager

Don Awalt, Benefit Dinner Committee Member

Kathy Awalt, Sr. Administrative Assistant & Benefit Dinner Committee Co-Chair

Lisa Beauchamp, HR Volunteer

Tess Becket, Design Coordinator

Amanda Benton, Communications Manager

Kitty Brammer, Creativity Crew Coordinator

Todd Chaikin, Technology Coordinator

Jasmine Clark, E-News Coordinator

Tori Dziedziak, Alumni Coordinator

Anna Evich, Program Committee Member

Kate Flores, Content Writer & Website Coordinator

Philicia Frasson, Graphic Design Volunteer

Dave Grady, Accounting Volunteer

Greg Grothaus, Data Management Volunteer

Kaitlyn Hammel, Benefit Dinner Committee Co-Chair

Adrianne Holocker, Events Coordinator

Jerica Itterly, Virtual Volunteer Manager

Jen Krasowski, Advancement Coordinator

Beth Mayr, Benefit Dinner Committee Member

Nick Mayr, Benefit Dinner Committee Member

Marybeth Mueller, Benefit Dinner Committee Member

Danny Newell, Data Management Volunteer

Anna Nguyen, Creativity Crew Coordinator

Julia Patt, Summer Digital Internship Manager

Sylvie Perucca, Translation Team Coordinator

Laura Seaberg, Sponsor-a-Scholar Campaign Coordinator

Leo Simmons, Creativity Crew Coordinator

Jamie Valerius, Creativity Crew Coordinator

Anna Weldon, Benefit Dinner Committee Member

Jenn Zocco, Benefit Dinner Committee Member & Development Manager


Translation Team

We are grateful to these volunteers who help make our pen pal program possible.

Olga Carreño

Adi Chavarria

Maria Conroy

Gretchen Shaheen

Malia Williams

Sara Fowler

Erika Montivero


Award Winners

There's a lot we believe in celebrating at Starfish! Annually, we give awards to individuals for whom we are immensely grateful and recognize them at our benefit dinner.


Oswaldo Guayasamin Award

"Yo lloré porque no tenía zapatos, hasta que vi un niño que no tenía pies."

Coming from a humble background himself, Guayasamin shed light on social inequalities through his artwork. The Starfish Foundation gives the Oswaldo Guayasamin Award to a group or individual who creates opportunities to combat social inequality, and empowers others to do the same.

Jim Klingler | 2014

Dave Grady | 2015

Sanchia Rodrigues | 2016

Laura Seaberg | 2017

Erica Anderson | 2018

Sylvie Perucca | 2018

Don Awalt | 2019


Las Hermanas Rodriguez Award

Lili, Arelisa, and Pamela Rodriguez were the inspiration for the creation of The Starfish Foundation. These three young woman are motivated students, with the only obstacle between them and success being a lack of economic resources. Despite these challenges, the Rodriguez sisters have excellent grades, energy, and character. These girls are leaders who encourage others to lead as well — a supportive example to follow. The Starfish Foundation gives this “everything” award to an all-around supporter of the organization.

Danny Newell | 2014

Anna Jordan | 2015

Todd Chaikin | 2016

Anna Evich | 2017

Kaitlyn Hammel | 2018

Marybeth Mueller | 2019

Saint Miguel Febres Cordero Award

St. Miguel was a man of strong faith, who dedicated his life to his school and his students. The Starfish Foundation gives the Saint Miguel Febres Cordero Award to an individual or group whose passion is to educate others about the work of Starfish, the need for education in Ecuador, and the reality of our Scholars.

Kathy Awalt | 2014

Jane Lorenzi | 2015

Julia Patt | 2016

Amanda Benton | 2017

Kate Flores | 2018

Jerica Itterly | 2019


Volunteer Kudos

Year-round, we also give our Starfish community the chance to recognize our volunteers!


Stars in the Sky

Thank you to those who are no longer present, but still with us in spirit.


Barbe Awalt

Jack Awalt

Gisela Gil-Egui

Dennis Lane

Charlie Mayr

Lorraine McGraw

Judy Morrow

Elaine Williams

Sue Woods

Betsy Yancey