3/19/19 Sip, Supper, & Starfish Event in Brighton, MA!


If you live near Brighton, Massachusetts ( USA), join us at a Sip, Supper, & Starfish fundraising/“friendraising” event on Tuesday, March 19, 2019! More information will be posted as details of this event are finalized. You also can visit our Facebook invitation at facebook.com/events/545142859304177.

While you’re saving dates on your calendar, make sure to save Tuesday, December 3, 2019! This is “Giving Tuesday” for 2019, and we’ll hold multiple Sip, Supper, & Starfish events on and around that date. Are you new to the Starfish family, and are you wondering what are Sip, Supper, & Starfish events? Visit our Giving Tuesday webpage to learn more!

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