An Update About the Current Situation in Ecuador


We stand in solidarity with our students, staff, and families in Ecuador during this time of unrest in the country. Over the past week, our Starfish family in Ecuador has witnessed protests against new government economic policies, followed by pockets of violence and looting throughout the country. We are thankful that, while there are some areas of the country that are facing more immediate challenges, Flor de Bastión remains a safe place for our students, staff, volunteers, and families. We hope to resume regular programming in Ecuador soon. We've been quieter on social media recently, in order to respect the challenges our families are going through right now.

Now, more than ever, we recognize how important our programs and support for our families are. The economic repercussions of this will have a profound impact on those who live in poverty, so it will be even more important for us to continue leadership development of our students. We hope that by empowering our students to think critically, there will be hope for more peaceful and productive conversations in times of discord.

We will keep you posted as much as we can while this situation develops. Please keep our students, staff, volunteers, and families in your hearts, and please hope for a peaceful and just resolution soon.

Jenn & Beth
Co-Founders, The Starfish Foundation

Starfish Foundation